Congratulations to the Class of 2021!

Within the next hour, we will send our last admissions decisions, inviting a talented and passionate group of students to join the UVM Class of 2021. This group of students comes from across the U.S. and around the world. Soon the excitement will grow on social media with #UVMsaidYES hashtags from admitted students.

New this year are a group of students who are being offered admission to UVM beginning in January. Because of the competitive nature of the admission to the university, and because we had more students show interest in UVM than we could accommodate in the fall semester, we have made admission for entrance in the spring possible for a cohort of students. Our spring students will have the same opportunities as those who begin in the fall (opportunities for housing, financial aid, etc). We look forward to welcoming this group in January.

What happens next for the students offered admission today? Notifications about scholarships, financial aid and Honors College will occur by the end of next week. Be sure to check out the admitted student website as well as the new student checklist. We also encourage all admitted students to attend one of the five remaining Admitted Student Visit Days in April.  Registration for these events can be done on the website.

I can’t wait to see who will be the next ones to say yes to UVM! Congratulations, again, to all who have been offered admission to the University of Vermont.


UVM students in the news…it’s really good!

Yesterday marked the 1st day of exams for UVM students. It seems like last week we were welcoming the Class of 2019 and all the students back to campus for another school year.  This semester, UVM students continued to exemplify what makes them so special and why their experience at UVM is so exceptional. Our students are curious, independent thinkers who want to make a difference in their world. They take full advantage of all that UVM, Burlington and Vermont have to offer.

Here are a few headlines that highlight ways our students are making a impact this semester:


Meet UVM’s COP21 Team

Vermont Soldier Is 1st Woman to Graduate as Combat Engineer

Animal Science Students Connect Vermont to the World through Public Science Exhibit

Nursing Students, Senior Citizens Learn From Each Other

Road to Ruins

Catamounts Capture 2015 America East Men’s Soccer Title

And you can follow a day in the life of UVM students, to see how making a difference and building community is something we do everyday.

A Day in the Life of UVM: Oct. 20, 2015

UVM has always been known as a place that embraces academic excellence and excels at research and new discovery. But what sets our students apart is the fact that UVM is about making a difference for people too – to help make lives better, communities better, the world in which we live better. Just read some stories about our UVM alumni – Catamount Nation. These are just a few examples of how four years at UVM have set our graduates on a lifetime course of making change. Once again, Vermont was named the top Peace Corp producing state per capita – another example of how this is in the DNA of place.

The headlines above show ways our students are engaged in noteworthy ways. But everyday, UVM students are making a difference in the lives of others. As we extend our invitations to join the Class of 2020 this week, we are excited about the students who will choose to come to UVM and add to this amazing community.

We can’t wait to say yes!

#UVMsaidYES to the next group of Catamounts

The release of admissions decisions is always an exciting time. It is exciting for the admissions staff members who have been choosing students who are the best prepared to be at UVM. It is an exciting time for students who have been invited to join the Class of 2019 at UVM. We can’t wait to see who will say yes to that invitation.

We anticipate welcoming a class of more than 2,300 new students. Who are these students who have been offered admission to UVM? First, we have an outstanding group of Vermont students who reign from across the state. These Vermonters come from 113 different secondary schools, including 75 in Vermont. In addition, we have admitted students from across the U.S., 49 states (missing South Dakota this year), Washington D.C. Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, as well as students from sixty-three different nationalities. A fun fact…231 of these admitted students have a perfect SAT Reading score and 164 have a perfect SAT Math score.

Students took to social media to share their excitement. Here are some examples:

What’s next? Students admitted to UVM are encouraged to attend an admitted student visit day if that hasn’t already happened, or plan a campus visit for another day. Financial aid awards will be available at the end of this month. Let us know what questions you might have… is ready to help!

To date, we have nearly 450 of our admitted students who have decided to choose UVM. We hope that you will be next!

Who else is choosing UVM?

Today alone, more than 50 students paid their acceptance fee to join UVM’s Class of 2017! With every student who chooses to become a Catamount, we celebrate the new members of our community.

Who are these students? Here are profiles of a few of our new students who said yes today:

– a Vermont student who volunteers for Vermont Ski and Adaptive Sports.

– a young scientist from New York who has conducted stem cell research.

– a student interested in global and regional studies who sang at the London Olympics with his school choir.

– the founder and president of “Cooking for a Cause”, a community service organization that prepares and provides food for for fundraising for community projects.

– a California native who is a surf team captain and a two-time surfing champion. He also serves as a volunteer in an ocean therapy program that helps veterans and children cope with trauma.

Our class continues to grow! Admitted students are scheduled to visit this week and next and we look forward to answering any last questions. Can’t wait to see who will say yes next. I look forward to you saying yes too!

Way to go, UVM!

Our students and faculty are pretty awesome! We are also very good about being pretty modest. But there are a few accolades that have come our way recently that are definitely worth repeating!

– Major Jackson, professor of English at UVM and poet, has won a Guggenheim Fellowship. He was one of 200 selected nationally from nearly 4,000 applicants. Professor Jackson is an undergraduate favorite at UVM.

– one of our junior nursing students has been named a Truman Scholar, a national prize given to only 62 students who wish to pursue public service. Janelle Achee, from Rochester, VT, is recognized for her significant community service, including creating leadership weekend called Girl Scouts Beyond Bars, a leadership and empowerment program for Girl Scouts who have a parent in prison. UVM has four students who have received this award, including a student last year.

– One of our engineering majors has been named a Goldwater Scholar, one of 271 nationally, honoring students who are pursuing careers in science, mathematics or engineering. He is the fifth UVM student since 2007 to win this national award.

– Luke Apfeld, a member of the UVM men’s basketball team, has been selected to the Division I-AAA Athletics Directors Association Scholar-Athlete Team for the second straight year. This team is comprised of students from Div. 1 schools with no football team. Luke reports at 3.8 gpa!

The stories continue! UVM students do amazing things everyday. Check out more stories of what our students are doing after graduation. I’m proud to be at a university that places so much stock in committing to student success. Our faculty and staff work everyday to support students. And the outcome after graduation certainly pays off.

Picture yourself at UVM! You will join an incredible community – and have fun in the process!

And the letters are gone!

This is a favorite phrase in our office that signifies the end of stage in the admissions cycle each year. We do still send letters (and we’ve added electronic communications) and it changes a bit the feeling of finding out a college admissions decision by opening the envelope. Regardless of the delivery method, receiving an admissions decision remains an exciting and sometime emotional part of a high school senior’s life.

Carrying the letters to the mail!

Carrying the letters to the mail!

The Class of 2017 is shaping up nicely. Students who have been offered admission hail from 48 of 50 states (missing NE and ND), have grades that put them in the top 30% of their class, and earned average SAT’s of nearly 1840. Our admitted students have traveled the world, contributed thousands of community service hours, endured hardships, overcome challenges, led their student bodies, won state championships, published books, conducted research, started their own businesses and left their footprint in their schools, much like we hope they will do at UVM.

We recognize that not all news is good news for students today. For students offered the wait list, we have used the wait list three out of the past four years. For students who wish to be considered for a possible offer of admission, they must accept a place on the waitlist by visiting the application status website, logging in and accepting the wait list. Detailed information is included in the wait list letter about the next steps. In addition, we were not able to offer admission or the wait list to a number of our applicants. We encourage students to consider strengthening their academic records by taking college courses and applying as a transfer student (students who earn a year’s worth of credit with at least a 2.8 cumulative college gpa are often competitive transfer candidates.) We also offer a Guaranteed Admission Program that allows students to attend UVM (we do offer campus housing for GAP students), and create a contract that allows students to be admitted after earning 18 credits with a 3.0.

Our staff is here to help students as they make a final choice. Our admitted student website has good information about UVM and about the next steps. We believe that there is no better time to be at UVM! Our staff is here to help in the enrollment process.


Hurry Up and Wait

I contend that this should be the theme of this part of the college search process. Junior year was spent doing initial visits, and taking the SAT or ACT. Senior year was spent doing more visits, writing essays and completing applications. But now this is the time in the college search process when things are in the university’s hands – either in reviewing applications for admission or in creating financial aid awards. And there isn’t any more substantive action that can be taken to change the timeline!

So as for admission decisions, at UVM, we have sent nearly 90% of our offers of admission to date. The last group of students will be notified on March 15. Our Student Financial Services office is busy completing financial aid awards that will be sent by the end of March. In both these cases, these are actions that are in the hands of UVM.

After this period of “Hurry Up and Wait”, there will be another flurry on the part of the student. That flurry comes in making the final decision. One conversation that you can have now is deciding on the timeline to make the college decision. I find it helpful when students and parents have a date by which they will come together to make the decision. Often that date is driven by when final visits can be made to campuses. Other times it is driven by waiting for finalized financial aid to be awarded. While we all know that May 1 is the national candidate reply date, I suggest targeting a date before May 1 when you will have the conversation.

There is still time to visit UVM’s campus at one of our Admitted Student Visit Days or one of our Admitted Student Information Sessions. Our staff is here to help over the course of the next two months. Our first year class is coming together nicely and we hope you will be part of the excitement at UVM in the fall. In the meantime, enjoy the quiet of this time before  the flurry of decision-making and end of senior year activity is upon you!