You are invited to apply

This is the time of year when we reach out to high school seniors and encourage applications to UVM. It is an exciting and sometimes stressful period in the life of a high school senior and we want to help facilitate this process for students who are considering UVM this year.

A quick search of the web will reveal many tips and pieces of advice for completing the application. Recently the Common Application interviewed some deans and directors of admission and created videos of these interviews. They offer great tips for filling out the application.  Another video provides 9 tips for completing the Common Application. College counselors are also great sources of information for guiding the way through the Common Application.

The application is straight forward and hopefully will not be too complicated to complete. I have a few recommendations for success when filling out the Common Application for UVM – it is our only application for admission.

  1. Be sure to add UVM to your My Colleges list. By doing this, it will ensure that applicants will not miss any parts of the application required.
  2. To take advantage of the application fee waiver for first-year applicants, applicants may¬†choose the answer, “UVM application fee waiver” in the general questions, once UVM has been added to the list of My Colleges. (click on question and you will see the following):Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 10.34.10 PM
  3. Take time on the essay. Have another person review it and provide feedback. Ensure that it presents a logical answer to the essay prompt – I am often surprised when an essay does not actually answer the question!
  4. The Common Application will note which sections and which questions still need to be completed. It is a handy way to ensure that each section is complete.
  5. Remember to answer all the questions asked. This includes completing the activities section, the disciplinary section, and the complete educational section.
  6. Be sure to ensure that the application is actually submitted. That can be checked by returning to the My Colleges dashboard. When the green check mark is displayed next to the college name, then the application is submitted.

Once the application is submitted to UVM, an email is sent within 72 hours to the email address provided on the application. This email will contain a login and PIN that can be used to log into our application status website. At this site, a student can view their application status, admissions decision and eventually, if eligible, the scholarship and financial aid awards. It also is the location where a student can pay an acceptance fee as well as withdraw their application.

Believe it or not, more than 12,000 students have started their Common Application and added UVM to their My Colleges list. We’ve had more than 500 students complete their application and submit it to UVM. Application review will begin next month.

It is a great time to work on and complete the application! Students may still submit test scores, transcripts and other supporting information after submitting the application – there is no reason to wait to have all these items available before submitting the application.

Our staff is here to help! I look forward to receiving your application!