You are invited to our Admitted Student Visit Day

This month, we began hosting admitted students and their families on campus during our admitted student visit days. These programs are a highlight of the spring for the UVM campus because it is a time when we can welcome our admitted students to campus and help them to get to know UVM in an up-close and personal way.

What happens at an ASV? So much! It is a combination of structured program and then sessions from which you can choose.

Why does the program begin at the Sheraton Conference Center? Parking. It’s that simple. You’ll gather at the Sheraton and we’ll transport you to campus for the opening session. Plan to arrive at the Sheraton by 7:45 am (earlier if you want to be among the first to arrive on campus).

The day kicks off with the opening session. You’ll hear from me, from students and from our university leadership. We’ll review the schedule and send you on your way. The morning is spent with the academic unit to which you are admitted. Once that session concludes, the rest of the day is filled with optional sessions, with an opportunity to tour our residence halls, to eat lunch in a dining hall and to learn about academic departments, study abroad, living on campus, and the Career Center. You’ll have the opportunity to meet with a financial aid counselor. You can talk with staff in the Academic Success Program office.

Even if you visited the campus previously, we encourage you to visit again during one of these programs. The schedule is designed to give you an up close and personal view of campus. There are parts that are unstructured which allows you to craft your own day.

While our program for this Friday is at capacity, we are still taking reservations for the March 25 program, and for all the programs in April. Don’t forget to make a hotel reservation – the hotels around campus tend to fill during these programs.

We’re expecting a great group of students and parents on Friday. I hope to see you at one of our upcoming programs.