Where are your test scores?

Yesterday, thousands of students took the SAT. It is an event that often impacts a student’s junior or senior year in high school. It is a relief when the day is over; a wonderful feeling only to be replaced with anticipation for the results of the testing and receipt of scores!

For the vast majority of schools, standardized test scores remain a part of the admissions application. The news recently has been sprinkled with stories of schools becoming test optional or defining a new evaluation process. One consistent theme in each of these institutional decisions is that they are backed with institutional data and research that makes the action appropriate for that institution. Each year, UVM does that same analysis and we continue to find that a student’s academic record in concert with a student’s standardized test score is the best predictor of academic success (as defined by college GPA) at UVM. Therefore, we continue to use test scores in our evaluation.

Because we employ a holistic review of applications, we can use test scores as one of many factors in making an admissions decision. We have admitted strong students whose scores fall outside our middle 50% range. We have admitted students who have perfect math or critical reading scores….in fact, more than 350 admitted students last year had either an 800 SAT score on the critical reading or math.

Interestingly, it is often missing test scores that makes an application incomplete. We remind students to send them directly from the testing agency (ACT or College Board). We will not take an emailed/faxed copy of scores nor will we take them from the high school transcript.

We are an institution that does superstore test results. This means that we will take the best score from each section of the SAT or ACT, regardless of which test date it was taken. Given this fact, we encourage students to send us all their test scores. We will then ensure that the highest scores are chosen.

Remember, you are more than a test! Test scores are just one part of the equation. My advice – do your best; take the tests twice (maybe a 3rd time but not more) and remember that test scores will not be the singular reason that a student is admitted or not at UVM.

We look forward to receiving your scores!


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