Finish strong!

The end of the school year….the anticipation of graduation and summer vacation is so great! It can be a time when motivation can wain. AP exams are finished! Exams are coming soon. My advice – while it may be tempting to let up and you feel like you have nothing more to give after a busy school year, make this your best semester yet!

Last month, our Vice President for Enrollment Management, Chris Lucier, shared his advice with graduating high school students admitted to UVM. He shared his thoughts about finishing the school year strong. He encouraged students to finish the school year strong. He gave the analogy of an athlete, taking three or six months off of training. Can you imagine, he said, if this were the case? Would an athlete be at their best for a big race or a big game if they stopped practicing for three months? He likened this to finishing strong at the end of the school year. If you let up, he reflected, then you will not be at the top of your game at the start of the first semester of college or at the start of senior year.

For students who are finishing senior year and graduating, final high school transcripts are required to be sent to our office during the summer. The receipt of these transcripts has two purposes – first it is verification of high school graduation. The second is evidence of successful completion of work in progress. We do review every transcript to check for final grades. We have, on occasion, had to revoke admission because a student did not complete their current courses successfully. These are difficult actions and something that we don’t like to do. However, a significant drop in grades indicates to us that a student may not be ready to be successful at UVM. As a reminder, these final high school transcripts are required prior to enrollment. Missing transcripts may result in financial aid being held and a registration hold for prior courses until the transcript is received and graduation can be verified.

For students who are completing junior year, the end of this year’s grades are the last record that we see for students applying early action. When we review applications, we want to see a student’s best work at the end of junior year.

The school year is wrapping up or will wrap up in the next month. We are confident that our entering first-year students will finish strong! Good luck on final exams and finishing up the school year – make it your best yet!