My application is incomplete; what should I do?

Today, we sent an email to students who submitted an application for fall admission and whose application remains incomplete. What does this mean? Students are required to send us a secondary school transcript with a secondary school report, a letter of recommendation as well as either SAT or ACT scores. An incomplete application means that one or more of these items has not been received.

Where can I check my application status? You can log into our application status website using the ID and PIN sent in the email today (it was also sent after your application was received.)

What if your transcript and secondary school report are missing? The first step is to find out from the school if it was sent and if so, when. It has been within a week, it is most likely still being processed in our office and connected with your application. If it has been more than two weeks, please contact our office to speak to the admissions counselor on duty. We can do research to learn if it has been sent to the Common Application. It may also need to be submitted again from the high school – the admissions counselor can help with the best direction for any next steps.

What if the SAT or ACT scores are missing? Verify that you requested that they were sent to UVM. The College Board code for UVM is 3920. UVM’s ACT code is 4322. There is no need to pay additional money to rush the scores to UVM. Remember that test scores must be sent directly from the testing agency. If you recently took the SAT (early November), we have begun to receive the scores and should have them all by Nov. 25 (we load them into our computer system everyday so you will be able to see on the application status website when they are received.

We encourage you to act quickly to complete your application. Applications completed by December 6 will be reviewed and decisions should be ready on December 17. Decisions on applications completed after December 6 will be released on a rolling basis soon after December 17.

It is our priority to assist students and parents in taking the steps needed for us to receive all the information required in an application. Thank you for taking action to send the information. We are here to assist you!


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