Congratulations! You’re in!

The first admission letter….it is memorable for many students. It is the affirmation that I am the kind of student that a university wants in their student body. It provides relief after working hard to prepare a strong application. It is great news!

I’ve enjoyed seeing some of the Twitter posts from students who have received their first admission letter…and it has come from UVM. These posts include (you can follow me on Twitter @BethWiserUVM to see more as they come in):

“Accepted to my first school #UVM”, “I guess I am going to college #UVM #FirstAcceptance”, “Accepted to the UVM Class of 2018! #UVM”, and perhaps one of my favorites, “My little sister got into her first college! #proudbigsis #UVM”

At UVM, we have begun to review and make decisions on the more than 14,000 applications we have received for fall 2014 admission. Why are students beginning to hear a decision already? Each year, UVM identifies a group of students with whom we have had contact with prior to their senior year. These students could have done an early visit to UVM; they may have provided us some academic information through sending us the SAT or ACT scores from their junior year or through their PSAT – in any case we know some information about a student academically and we invite them to apply to UVM. And as we make admissions decisions (these decisions include admit, deter to the regular pool as well as deny), we roll out the notification rather than waiting for a single date. 

However, the majority of our admissions decisions, including the decisions on all Vermont applicants, are notified on a single date beginning December 17. Why do we notify Vermonters all at once? Given the number of students who apply from Vermont from any given high school, we feel that it is important for students to hear at the same time. Our school counseling colleagues support this decision and I feel that it is the best way for our Vermont applicants to learn about admission to UVM.

In upcoming posts, I will write more detail about how to check the application status, what happens to the application when it arrives in our office, and what we look for in an application. For today, I wanted to share these good news tweets to give the encouragement that this outcome is what we want for many of our applicants – we are always looking for ways to say yes! We look forward to reading the applications from the UVM Class of 2018! 


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