Applying to UVM – what’s the latest?

With November 1 passing this Friday, a deadline that a number of schools use for early action admission, the new coverage of the college application process saw an uptick. Whether it was the New York Times article on students submitting videos as part of their admissions application or more coverage on issues related to challenges that some students are experiencing with the Common Application, I imagine that students and parents are turning to all sources possible to help guide them through this process.

As a reminder, we did decide to extend our Early Action and spring admission deadline in order to provide students with additional time to work through any challenges that they may be experiencing using the Common Application. Our new deadline is November 11 (this deadline is an application submission deadline; students have until 11:59 in their own time zone on November 11 to press submit. We will be communicating this week via email to students who have started the Common Application but have not yet submitted their application. Often this communication helps students who believe that they submitted their application but did not complete the process learn well before the deadline that there are still additional steps they will need to take.

How can a student know that that UVM received his or her application? Here are some tips that students have found helpful:

1) Go to your Dashboard to confirm all parts of your application have been submitted. A green check mark next to each section indicates that all questions are answered.

2) In order to take advantage of the Early Action application fee waiver, be sure to select “UVM application fee waiver” for the question, “Do you intend to use one of these school-specific fee waivers?” This question is found in the set of general questions on the UVM questions in the Common Application.

3) Once you finish completing all sections of the Common App, the program does not continue with submitting the application but rather brings you back to the Home Screen that lists your Colleges. You then need to click on Submit the Common App for UVM, and then proceed to the end where it will take you to the Signature Page.

4) You will receive an email from The Common Application confirming the submission of your application. If you did not receive an email, we did not receive your application. If you do not get an email, please contact Common App.

5) Once UVM receives your Common Application, you should receive an email from our office within 48 hours confirming receipt and containing your unique log-in ID and PIN to help you track your application status.

With the extension of the Early Action and spring application deadline, I remind students that this is not a completion deadline, rather supporting information such as transcripts, test scores and letters of recommendation can arrive after the deadline. There is no specific deadline for the receipt of these. We tell students that they need to be submitted in time for us to process and review prior to our Early Action notification date of December 17.

In spite of the continuing issues with the Common Application, students are successfully submitting their applications. More than 9,000 students have sent us their application for Early Action. The issues that some students are encountering have to do with the submission being slow or the application “hanging” when they attempt to submit. Suggestions that have been shared have to to try another internet browser (Chrome for example) or try to submit at a time when there isn’t heavy usage of the Common Application. While this is inconvenient and should not matter, the reality is that with this new tool, more users are submitting applications around the same time, as well as school counselors submitting credentials and letters of recommendation.

We want to be sure that students can apply to UVM. If there are any questions, please feel free to be in touch with our staff who are ready to assist. We can’t wait to review your application!


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