Time to visit UVM!

This fall has been one of the most spectacular in Vermont! Beautifully sunny days, brilliant leaves. And it is such a perfect time to plan a visit to the University of Vermont.

Visiting a college campus as part of the decision making process is helpful in so many ways. A visit does the obvious – provides a student with an idea of what a campus is like – the look, feel, the facilities, the surroundings. Just as important, a campus visit helps a student sort out what is important in a school. A student may feel that they want to be in an urban setting and a visit can confirm or dismiss that. Likewise, a student may feel that they want a small school and a visit can confirm or dismiss that as well. A campus visit is a part of the process that helps students find their voice about what is important to them in their college/university.

UVM offers a wide variety of visit options to give students a glimpse of UVM. Very popular are our open houses that provide students with a great overview of UVM. At the open houses on Oct. 13 and Nov. 9, we will have representatives from our colleges/schools in addition to individuals from a variety of campus offices. Students looking for a first introduction find that the general information session and tour fit their needs. These programs are offered weekdays at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. and most Saturdays.  In addition to a presentation by an admissions counselor and a student-led tour, we offer a student panel to provide interaction with several of our current students. Students also can attend one of our Vermont In Person Days in October that extends the general information session and tour to include a class visit.

Reservations for our campus visits can be made online. We suggest that you make a reservation so that we can plan on your visit. Don’t forget to call about hotel reservations! In October, our area hotels can fill, especially on the weekends. I suggest you try our newest hotel in Burlington – Hotel Vermont!

Can’t wait to see you in Burlington! We look forward to your visit!


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