Who else is choosing UVM?

Today alone, more than 50 students paid their acceptance fee to join UVM’s Class of 2017! With every student who chooses to become a Catamount, we celebrate the new members of our community.

Who are these students? Here are profiles of a few of our new students who said yes today:

– a Vermont student who volunteers for Vermont Ski and Adaptive Sports.

– a young scientist from New York who has conducted stem cell research.

– a student interested in global and regional studies who sang at the London Olympics with his school choir.

– the founder and president of “Cooking for a Cause”, a community service organization that prepares and provides food for for fundraising for community projects.

– a California native who is a surf team captain and a two-time surfing champion. He also serves as a volunteer in an ocean therapy program that helps veterans and children cope with trauma.

Our class continues to grow! Admitted students are scheduled to visit this week and next and we look forward to answering any last questions. Can’t wait to see who will say yes next. I look forward to you saying yes too!


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