Who is choosing UVM?

One of the things we love during the month of April is seeing who decides to choose UVM. From starting with more than 22,000 applications, we have gotten to know so many great students who eventually decide to enroll at UVM. So who are these students? Here is just a sampling of students who have decided to join our community just in the past 24 hours:

– a Rubenstein student from Rhode Island who wrote a great essay about the juxtaposition of her vacation to Disney World that left home in the morning of Sept 11, 2001. Her memory of this trip revolved around spending time at a lake, feeding ducks as opposed to the Dinsey characters and the park itself. “It was that vacation which allowed me to discover how valuable the innocence of nature can be, and how precious time is with family, when tomorrow is never a guarantee.”

– a Nursing student who spent her junior year as a Rotary exchange student in Brazil.

– a student from Kansas who served on her school’s principal advisory council.

– a student from New York who backpacked and kayaked 500 miles through Alaska, was co-captain his soccer team, and who has enrolled in a culinary institute to learn more about cooking.

– a Vermonter, selected as a Green and Gold Scholar, who produced and hosted a community radio program and who has been a dancer since age 3.

This is only a sampling of the incredibly interesting students who have already chosen UVM. I will continue to highlight additional students throughout the month of April. Who will be next? It is easy to say yes!



2 thoughts on “Who is choosing UVM?

  1. The Rhode Island student who wrote the 911/Disney essay is my daughter, Keegan. Wow! This recognition of her essay has made us so proud to know that her Grandfather, my Dad, played a role in her acceptance at UVM. We have felt his spirit with us for over 10 years…I am still trying to figure out how I stumbled across this blog. Thank you for this very special acknowledgement. We are sure UVM is going to be a “magical” experience.

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