And the letters are gone!

This is a favorite phrase in our office that signifies the end of stage in the admissions cycle each year. We do still send letters (and we’ve added electronic communications) and it changes a bit the feeling of finding out a college admissions decision by opening the envelope. Regardless of the delivery method, receiving an admissions decision remains an exciting and sometime emotional part of a high school senior’s life.

Carrying the letters to the mail!

Carrying the letters to the mail!

The Class of 2017 is shaping up nicely. Students who have been offered admission hail from 48 of 50 states (missing NE and ND), have grades that put them in the top 30% of their class, and earned average SAT’s of nearly 1840. Our admitted students have traveled the world, contributed thousands of community service hours, endured hardships, overcome challenges, led their student bodies, won state championships, published books, conducted research, started their own businesses and left their footprint in their schools, much like we hope they will do at UVM.

We recognize that not all news is good news for students today. For students offered the wait list, we have used the wait list three out of the past four years. For students who wish to be considered for a possible offer of admission, they must accept a place on the waitlist by visiting the application status website, logging in and accepting the wait list. Detailed information is included in the wait list letter about the next steps. In addition, we were not able to offer admission or the wait list to a number of our applicants. We encourage students to consider strengthening their academic records by taking college courses and applying as a transfer student (students who earn a year’s worth of credit with at least a 2.8 cumulative college gpa are often competitive transfer candidates.) We also offer a Guaranteed Admission Program that allows students to attend UVM (we do offer campus housing for GAP students), and create a contract that allows students to be admitted after earning 18 credits with a 3.0.

Our staff is here to help students as they make a final choice. Our admitted student website has good information about UVM and about the next steps. We believe that there is no better time to be at UVM! Our staff is here to help in the enrollment process.



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