Hurry Up and Wait

I contend that this should be the theme of this part of the college search process. Junior year was spent doing initial visits, and taking the SAT or ACT. Senior year was spent doing more visits, writing essays and completing applications. But now this is the time in the college search process when things are in the university’s hands – either in reviewing applications for admission or in creating financial aid awards. And there isn’t any more substantive action that can be taken to change the timeline!

So as for admission decisions, at UVM, we have sent nearly 90% of our offers of admission to date. The last group of students will be notified on March 15. Our Student Financial Services office is busy completing financial aid awards that will be sent by the end of March. In both these cases, these are actions that are in the hands of UVM.

After this period of “Hurry Up and Wait”, there will be another flurry on the part of the student. That flurry comes in making the final decision. One conversation that you can have now is deciding on the timeline to make the college decision. I find it helpful when students and parents have a date by which they will come together to make the decision. Often that date is driven by when final visits can be made to campuses. Other times it is driven by waiting for finalized financial aid to be awarded. While we all know that May 1 is the national candidate reply date, I suggest targeting a date before May 1 when you will have the conversation.

There is still time to visit UVM’s campus at one of our Admitted Student Visit Days or one of our Admitted Student Information Sessions. Our staff is here to help over the course of the next two months. Our first year class is coming together nicely and we hope you will be part of the excitement at UVM in the fall. In the meantime, enjoy the quiet of this time before  the flurry of decision-making and end of senior year activity is upon you!


3 thoughts on “Hurry Up and Wait

      • Hi, this morning my application status changed from decision deferred to complete. I was wondering if this means anything, or if it is still being processed?

        Thank you!

        Hannah Pykosz


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