8,500 done; 2,250 to go

In the next seven days, we will complete our early action review for the this fall! One of the best parts of our work at UVM is the opportunity to review and get a glimpse into the lives of outstanding high school students through their application for admission. The essays, letters of recommendations, resumes and lists of activities highlight the accomplishments, the challenges and the interests of students who will be heading to college in the fall. Sometimes funny, touching, disappointing, and mostly amazing, we are energized by the quality of the students applying to UVM.

What is our process as we finish up the early review? Once an application is complete, it is reviewed by one of our skilled admissions staff members. Applications that are clearly admissible with a strong curriculum, academic performance and extracurricular and personal record are approved for admission. Students who present a more borderline record receive a 2nd review by our experienced admissions staff members. Decisions focus on academic performance over three years of high school, course selection, grade trends, SAT/ACT test results (we consider all three parts of the SAT including writing or all sections of the ACT including the writing), the essay, the summary of extracurricular activities as well as personal qualities.

On Thursday, we will send our decision letters (yes we still send hard copy decision letters!) All decisions for students who have completed their applications will be available online at our application status website on Thursday as of 5 p.m. EST.

Why have some students already heard a decision? The University of Vermont invites a portion of out-of-state students to apply to UVM and we have promised to send out their admissions decision as their applications become complete. These tend to be strong students academically or students who have shown an early interest in UVM. Why don’t we do this with our Vermont students? Given the larger number of students that apply in each high school, we try to be fair to students to let students know all at once. This approach is very helpful to school counselors to anticipate when their students will hear a decision from UVM.

We will be working hard over this weekend and into next week preparing to finalize decisions to more than 11,000 students who have completed their early applications. We are excited to finish our work by Thursday!


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