Application deadline extension; completing your application

We continue to hear from students and families about challenges of submitting the Common Application without electricity. We have communicated to students that we continue to accept applications this week while the Common Application continues to permit students to apply early action. This will be true over the weekend. After the weekend, we encourage students to apply regular decision.

We also want to provide additional clarity about the timeline for receiving supporting information to complete the application. SAT and ACT scores can be sent from the testing agency and should be sent directly. We will take the highest score from each section of the tests. For students who took the SAT last weekend (Nov. 3) we typically receive those scores in late November and will be considered as part of our early action review. Transcripts and letters of recommendation should be sent as soon as the school is able to send them. While we don’t have a specific deadline for their receipt, we encourage them to be sent prior to Thanksgiving, allowing us time to process them and connect them with the application in order to prepare the application to be read.

If you have any questions about the process, please be in touch. We send students who apply an email with log in information to check their application status. This email is sent within two days of us receiving the application (Tuesday if a student applies on Friday or over the weekend.) Please note that around the deadline, we receive a large volume of transcripts and recommendations. It could take a week to process the information received and have it appear as being received on the application status website.

I recognize that this can be a stressful time as students want to be sure that we receive all information in a timely way. Please know that we work to be flexible during this time to help relieve some of that anxiety and know that a delay in seeing the information as being received typically is because of the time delay of processing information for more than 11,000 applications at this time.

We are thankful to every student who applies to UVM and work to process applications quickly and accurately so that students can know that their applications are all set!


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