Early Action application deadline extended

Due to the potential impact of Hurricane Sandy on much of the northeastern U.S., we are extending the November 1 application deadline to November 5. Any application received electronically by November 5 at midnight (EST) or postmarked November 5 will be considered as meeting the deadline. This change applies both to students applying early action as first-year students for fall as well as students who are applying for spring 2013 entry (first-year and transfer students.)

Who typically applies early action? We find several groups of students who choose to file an early application. First and not surprisingly, students with a strong interest in UVM apply early action. An early application is a way to act on that interest and receive an answer prior to winter break. Secondly, students whose application can stand on three years of high school and on test scores through October typically apply early. In these cases, students have a consistently strong record through junior year and are satisfied with their SAT or ACT scores from testing prior to November. Finally, students choose to apply early action because they want to understand how competitive they are in the application pool early enough to decide if they need to make other applications during December and January. Early action at UVM is non-binding meaning that if admitted, students are free to choose among schools and have until May 1 to make that decision.

As we approach the November 5 deadline, here are a few tips:

–       remember to submit all three parts of the application…the application itself, the payment (remember the application fee is waived for early action applicants) and the supplement. Often students will think they have submitted the application but forget to click submit. We won’t receive it from Common Application until all three sections are submitted.

–       Allow time to review the essay and short answers one last time.

–       Follow up after submitting the application with the school to ensure that transcripts and the letter of recommendation are sent. Forward SAT or ACT test results from the testing agency. While they don’t need to arrive by the Nov. 5 deadline, they should arrive soon after.

–       Relax! We treat applications with real care and we say yes more often than was say no!

In our admissions office, we get excited to watch the momentum build as we approach an application deadline. This is true right now as we await our November 5 early action application deadline.  These applications represent students who are both excited and nervous about taking this next step in their educational journey. I often equate the days before an application deadline to watching election returns. In the world of electronic applications, we can get minute-by-minute application updates. You know what I’ll be doing next Monday!


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