UVM’s Class of 2016 is here!

Imagine nearly 2,400 first-year students walking down Main Street in Burlington, headed to the University Green! It is the first time that this year’s class will be together as a group, and the last time they will assemble as a class until their graduation on the Green in four years.

UVM Class of 2016 walking to the University Green

This celebration of the first-year class is a meaningful tradition for new UVM students. It also marks the time that the admissions office turns its focus to working closely with the Class of 2017, soon to be applicants to UVM. The admissions staff is eager to help guide the current high school seniors and potential transfer students through the application process this year. This blog will serve as a place where we can share advice, announcements and direction that we hope will be helpful to prospective students. We are here to help!

I took a moment on Sunday night to soak in the amazing sight of our new students circling the Green. They were smiling, laughing, getting acquainted with new friends, and thinking about their first day of college classes. I look forward to working with those students who will be taking their place on the Green next year and calling UVM home. I can’t wait to meet them!