Welcome President Sullivan

The University of Vermont has chosen a new president! After a six month search, we were introduced today to the person who will lead the university in the coming years….it was truly a celebration for the UVM community. Today President Sullivan walked into a ballroom filled with students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members to a standing ovation. His extensive experience in higher education, most recently at the University of Minnesota as Provost, makes him well equipped to lead UVM.

President Sullivan outlined his priories for UVM. This morning he stated, “We will promote: 1) Financial access and affordability for students. 2) A rich curriculum that balances a first-rate educational experience for our students from the theoretical to the practical application of great new discoveries and ideas that advance and promote our communities and their citizens. 3) A research infrastructure that will enable our great faculty and researchers to discover and transmit new knowledge from both the theoretical and basic to applied and translational research. 4) And finally, the University of Vermont, as the economic engine of the state, will work closely with the political and business leadership of the state to promote economic development and to support work force needs thoughout Vermont — through its teaching and research. In my view, these are the four core purposes that are central to a great land grant university.”

Mrs. Sullivan is a Catamount herself, having graduated from UVM in the Class of 1977. With her love of UVM and her extensive experience in the investment industry and non-profit work, she will contribute in many ways to the UVM community.

I was present for the introduction ceremony where representatives from the UVM community provided words of welcome and gifts that represented their relationship with President and Mrs. Sullivan. A celebratory event, the introduction can be viewed on our website.

Our Board of Trustees chair, Rob Cioffi, summarized President Sullivan’s qualifications when he stated, “Tom Sullivan clearly possesses the academic credentials, the extensive leadership experience at both public and private universities, the demonstrated accomplishments in the implementation of strategic plans and major fund raising, and the personal energy and enthusiasm we need to take UVM to the next level of success.”

There is no question that President Sullivan is a great choice for UVM. The Class of 2016 will have the special honor of going through their first year with President Sullivan – they will be finding their way together.


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