What is an ASV?

In admissions, we tend to use short hand for many things. Acronyms abound in our world. Some need explaining, even when you know what the letters stand for! Let me tell you about our ASV’s!

One of the most helpful kinds of visits when a student is admitted is one that allows a student to see many facets of campus in one day and one that provides a student a chance to choose what they want to do during the visit. These are two features of our admitted student visit days (ASV’s.) During this day-long visit, admitted students and parents become part of the campus life. Activities during the day include:

  • Presentation by the academic college/school to which a student is admitted
  • Campus tour
  • Lunch on campus
  • Residence hall tour
  • Information sessions by several dozen academic sessions presented by academic departments
  • Opportunities to talk with personnel from student financial services
  • Tour of the athletic facilities
  • Presentation by current UVM students
  • Sessions highlighting career services and study abroad

Students and parents often ask what is the difference between the ASV and orientation. The ASV is designed to give the kind of information students need in order to make a decision about attending UVM (or to reinforce the decision made.) Orientation is designed to help students take the next step to enrolling at UVM – select classes and become more familiar with the campus.

If you plan to attend an ASV, be sure to review the schedule sent in advance. Because there are three blocks of time when a student needs to choose what they want to do, it takes some planning. I often recommend that students and parents consider attending different sessions during part of the day to cover more ground. Also know that there is more offered than students and parents can attend – sometimes sessions of interest to the student are offered at the same time. I have worked at four other universities and UVM’s ASV is one of the most comprehensive programs for admitted students. The program begins at the Sheraton that is next to campus. The academic sessions take place across campus. The headquarters for the program after the academic session in the first block is the Davis Center.

If you haven’t registered to attend, I encourage you to do so in order to make a good decision. Rooms at the Sheraton do sell out so plan ahead by being sure to make hotel reservations if needed. If you end up not staying at the Sheraton, the program will still begin there (and parking will take place there in order to accommodate the number of cars.)

We can’t wait to see you on campus!


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