January 15 application deadline extended

Today is the application deadline for fall admission to the University of Vermont. When this deadline date falls on the weekend, especially a holiday weekend, it raises questions about when the application can be submitted over the weekend. To alleviate questions and concerns about meeting the deadline, we have extended the deadline to Tuesday, January 17.  Students interested in applying for fall admissions to UVM may still submit an application anytime on Tuesday as still be considered on time.

Once an application is received, we send an email within 48 hours of our receipt of an application with an ID number that can be used to check if items are missing from the application.  Our admissions decisions are sent by March 16 (some are completed and students are notified on February 15.) Our applicants who applied as VIP candidates will receive admissions decisions on a rolling basis.

The application cycle for students applying for fall 2012 is nearing completion. UVM has received nearly 20,000 applications for this fall signifying that many students are excited about what UVM offers for undergraduates. We are excited to read these new ones, as we have enjoyed reviewing ones that were received in the early part of the cycle.

If you are still putting the finishing touches on the essay or on other parts of the application, there are still a couple more days to finish. We look forward to receiving your application!


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