The decisions are complete!

Yesterday was a time of relief and celebration for completing the decision making on nearly 11,000 early action and VIP decisions. We recognize that it is a time of high anxiety for students – for some it is great news. For others, there was a bit of disappointment when the decision was not what they had hoped.  This is an exciting time when students and parents begin to think about the options ahead and we are glad to be in the choice set for so many great students.

I want to offer some “next step” information that might be helpful as students are making plans.

For students offered admission…..

You will begin to receive a variety of communication, including information about your chosen academic college/school. Our admitted student website is a good one stop place to get information about visiting campus for one of our Admitted Student Visit Days, to attend an area reception in February, March or April, or to get a copy of the enrollment guide with dates for orientation and information about next steps. Invitations to the Honors College will be sent by early January (the first rounds of invitations have already been extended to VIP applicants offered admission.) Merit scholarship notifications will be sent next week (students can also view them on the application status website – the same place that you check your application status using your “95” identification number and PIN.)

For students whose application has been deferred…..

We defer a number of applicants to be considered in the regular decision pool. When a student’s application has been deferred, it means that we want to see additional information in order to make our decision, as the academic picture presented in the application through the high school transcript, test scores and recommendations isn’t as strong as students who were offered early admission. Students are welcome to send in additional semester grades or any new standardized test scores that weren’t part of the application. February 15 is the deadline to submit that new information. We review all students who were deferred admission and send the admissions decision on March 16 (at that time, the decision could be admit, wait list or deny.)

For students whose application was denied….

These are always very difficult decisions as we recognize a student’s interest in UVM through submitting an application. We do find many students who were not able to gain admission as a first year student complete two full semesters of college level coursework and successfully transfer to the university. Our transfer counselor, Akol Aguek, is happy to assist students in that process.

 Over the past 24 hours, I’ve received several emails that have demonstrated the excitement that students feel about UVM – “Yay!!!!” and “you’ve made my day” and “there is a lot of celebrating going on in my house right now.” We look forward to welcoming many admitted students to campus for one of our admitted student visit days.  Congratulations to those students who may be joining us in the Class of 2016! You can say yes today!