What’s Happening on Tuesday?

To me, an application deadline can feel like tax day….it is a highly anticipated, “here goes nothing” moment when a student presses ‘submit’ on the Common Application. At that instant, control over the process shifts from the student to the college or university. It is indeed a significant step to present nearly four years of work in about eight pages of an application.

Tuesday, November 1, is UVM’s early action deadline.  By the end of next week, we will most likely receive about 10,000 of the nearly 22,000 first year applications that we expect for fall 2012. Our EA deadline is an application deadline; supporting information can be sent soon after November 1. Remember that SAT or ACT scores must come directly from the testing agency. We take the highest score from each section of the test so students are encouraged to send all scores. UVM does not require students to submit SAT subject tests. One letter of recommendation will meet our requirement.

Between athletic events, theater productions, and Halloween activities, and homework, many students will be glued to their computers putting finishing touches on their applications. We have staff available on Monday and Tuesday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EDT to help with any additional questions. Feel free to call (802-656-3370) or email us (admissions@uvm.edu). You may also reach out to any of our admissions counselors via email– their contact information is listed on our website. (Of course, we’re here every weekday to assist you but we know that Monday and Tuesday will be filled with many application questions.)

Enjoy finishing your application – and don’t forget to click submit on Tuesday!


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