You Are Invited!

On Sunday, UVM hosted its first open house of this season for students and families – it was an exciting day! We welcomed more than 800 students and their families who spent a beautiful day in Burlington. Ira Allen Chapel was filled; the Davis Center was humming with conversation.

Ira Allen Chapel provides a beautiful and historic backdrop for the open house admissions presentation.

Our admissions staff members are great resources for students and parents. We love to answer questions!

The view of Mt. Mansfield from the Davis Center during the open house academic fair.

As I mentioned previously, the campus visit continues to be one of the most important elements of the college search. How can you make the most of that visit? Here are a couple of suggestions:

  1. Make a reservation when that is an option. When we expect you, we can serve you better.
  2. Be sure you take part in the official visit – tour, information session, interview – whatever the school offers. It is important to hear the official message and learn information about the admissions process.
  3. Whenever possible, connect with current students from your area. It is a great way to get a perspective about a university from those who know where you are coming from.
  4. Take notes, take pictures, use your smart phone to record portions of the visit – as distinctive as we are, it is easy to mix up campuses after a few visits.
  5. Get the business card of someone from the admissions office of the schools you visit – being able to make that direct contact with questions is invaluable.
  6. Take part in student life – eat in the dining hall, visit the places where students hang out, attend a concert or sporting event – things that can be best done when classes are in session.

We’d love to see you on campus. Come and visit us! Make your reservation today.


3 thoughts on “You Are Invited!

  1. We very much enjoyed our visit at UVM on Monday, March 19. The school pleasantly surprised my son’s friends who traveled with us and is in top consideration for Sam. We need to speak with the people at the Communications Department since neither I or the better placed Jane Welcome was able to secure an appointment for our visit.

      • Thanks….I wondered if I should just have Sam send an email to the head of the department? I wonder if the roadblock was just someone having a bad day. I doubt it was indicative of the department attitude since everyone else seemed to be so welcoming.

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