The GPS is your friend!

I remember campus visits with my children a few years ago. Between driving throughout Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota with my daughter for a whirlwind trip of the upper Midwest, to riding Chicago’s L train in January with my son (who decided socks were optional), visiting campuses can be a memorable experience for both parents and students. While the process of college admissions has changed in the past decade with electronic applications, email, chat, Facebook, and yes, blogs, the campus visit has remained the one unchanged feature of this process. It remains, for most universities, the best way to connect with prospective students and families.

At UVM, we have talked about the value of authenticity during the campus visit. We feel  it is important for students to share their stories and tell students what makes them excited about their UVM experience. It may not all be rosy, and it may not fit what every student seeks. But if our students and admissions staff genuinely reflect,  what makes UVM a special place, then we’ve done a good job. My tidbit of advice is to look for that authenticity that goes beyond reciting facts when visiting college campuses.

I invite you to visit campus this fall. We offer visit options that range from the typical information session by an admissions counselor, followed by a panel of current students and a campus tour. We also offer a visit day called Vermont in Person day where students can experience the same visit as I just described, but also visit a class. It is a small program with typically fewer than 50 students attending. We also offer larger open houses that take place on two weekends in the fall.

To date, we’ve had more than 6,500 high school seniors visit UVM’s campus. If you aren’t one of them, we hope to see you this fall!


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