Ready to apply?

School has started again in most parts of the country and seniors are thinking about how their last year in high school will unfold. Believe it or not, some seniors have already applied for admission. Since the Common Application went live on Aug.1, we’ve had 25 first-time first-year prospective students submit their applications to us. By the Early Action deadline on Nov. 1, that number will increase to more than 10,000!

Our staff will begin processing these applications in a few weeks, which means that we will review the application form for any missing information; we will match transcripts, test scores and other supporting information sent with the application. This work then allows us to begin the review. Already we have our first complete application!

Now is a great time for seniors to establish an account with the Common App and complete basic background information on the application. You can also easily fill out UVM’s supplement at the Common App site. In addition, now is a good time to contact any teacher you want to write a letter of recommendation for you (give them plenty of time before the application deadline.) Finally, be sure to start the process of having your test scores sent to UVM. They must come directly from the testing agency, and we encourage you to send all scores so that we are sure to record the highest for each test section.

Labor Day weekend is an excellent time to get started! Good luck as you launch your college applications. And please let us know if you have any questions about applying to UVM – we’re here to help.

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