Day 1

Today was move-in day at the University of Vermont. Target and Walmart stock must have spiked in the last few weeks as thousands of excited new students moved into residence halls across the country. More than all the stuff, I saw students with smiles on their faces, proud parents who are navigating their way between standing back to let their child take the lead and looking like the one enrolling in college (and managing the range of emotions that most family members feel when they leave their loved one at college.) Move-in day is one of the highlights for an admissions office. It exemplifies the hard yet rewarding work that our staff (and the entire campus) puts into bringing new members into our community.

It is a great day to help students that I meet in the admissions process move into their room

I look forward to taking this journey with you over the next year (for seniors and/or parents of rising seniors) or over the course of the next few years if you are just beginning the college search process. I will share some insider information helpful to students and parents, regardless of final university selection, as well as offer specifics on the admissions process at UVM.  I would also love to hear from students and parents with questions, comments or suggestions.

This fall marks the beginning of my 30th year working in an admissions office. I’ve held no other job. I also am the parent of two terrific young people (one who has graduated from college and the other who is beginning his senior year in college) who experienced very different college searches. They taught me a lot about how this process is perceived by really smart people who don’t work in an admissions office!

We’ve had lots of students visit UVM over the summer, especially in the past few weeks before school starts. As I talk with families, I remind the seniors that a year from now, they will be packing their bags and heading off to the college of their choice. This seems overwhelming for some and energizing for others. Choosing a college or university is a process and one that reveals a great deal about a student’s likes, interests, strengths, and is a time when students can express their opinions and find their voice. Before you know it, you’ll be unloading the car.

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